“Through my experience consulting, training, and speaking about leadership, personal and professional growth, negotiation practices and more, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to observe not only the commonalities among us, but the strong differences that make every engagement and encounter unique.”



I offer a diverse range of interesting and relevant topics for your business meetings, seminars and after-dinner keynotes. My observations about the world of work and the role of inspired leadership offer practical and immediate applications. With more than 3 decades of leadership experience throughout the country and overseas ― in both the military and private sectors ― I bring an unexpected and enlightening perspective to negotiating the workplace.


Many consultants will teach you how to increase profits and decrease waste, and both are worthy outcomes. The truly excellent consultant will show you how to be a more efficient manager of resources and an inspiring leader of people, reduce turnover, develop and improve relationships, expand your network, learn, grow, and enjoy the ride. I’ll share my insights while helping you apply many essential leadership tenets to your own circumstances.


Adult learning requires a specific approach, critical to today’s often overwhelmed professionals. I call it entertrainment ― we learn more easily and readily when we’re having fun and clearly seeing the practical application of that training to our lives. When I deliver a training session on such topics as leader development, negotiation, or project management essentials, participants claim to learn fast, retain more and are more likely to implement what was taught.

David S. Maurer

Visiting government agencies, non-profit organizations and firms within private industry has helped me gain a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the intricacies and inner workings of the workplace.


I believe that in order to achieve and maintain success, we must define, develop and then adhere to a set of guiding principles and values.

Having this kind of anchor is essential, especially during times of uncertainly ― it can help us clarify next steps, reaffirm goals and even help us discern right from wrong. Over the years, I’ve come to count on the following list of principles as a personal touchstone to guide my actions as an employee, colleague and leader.

These 20 Points for Success aren’t intended to be all-inclusive ― they simply work for me and have proven their value for more than 30 years. As I’ve introduced them to other individuals and organizations, they’ve been embraced as a starting point on the road to establishing worthwhile standards and expectations.

1. Always Act with Integrity and Honesty
2. Respond
3. Anticipate
4. Follow-up
5. Identify Problems and Solutions
6. Demonstrate Personal Accountability
7. Work Hard
8. Show a Sense of Urgency
9. Foster Personal Discipline
10. Lead by Example and Follow Well and Faithfully
11. Be Loyal in All Directions
12. Be Consistent and Clear
13. Show Gratitude and Respect for Others
14. Build Teamwork and Collaboration
15. Promote a Common Purpose
16. Infuse Passion
17. Cultivate Your Reputation
18. Display a Seriousness of Purpose and a Sense of Humor
19. Continue to Grow
20. Care for Those in Your Charge