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Branded: Is This Who I Am and Is This What I Do?

There will be times in our professional lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. Too often, we feel that we’re the sum of all that we’ve done, and nothing more. Not so. We can use introspection to explore what really makes us tick and consider how we can add value to our employer—while satisfying our most significant professional and personal passions.

The Drive of the Leader

Many of us are “road warriors.” We spend a great deal of our days on the highways and back roads, coming and going from our place of business. Next time you make that commute (or you’re just out for a drive) pay attention to the signs along the way. They not only tell you what you need to know to get you safely to your destination—they can also remind you of what you already know as a leader, but may have forgotten to embrace each day.


In Extremis Project Management: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

It was the height of the Cold War, and the US and the USSR were on a collision course to global disaster. While these events predate modern project management, the conduct of the President’s crisis team closely matches key tenets of project management as we know it. This was an “in extremis” project overseen by a sponsor, led by a PM, and it impacted millions of stakeholders and their children, and their children’s children – and you are one of them.


Unlocked TV With Madelyn Blair: Keeping Good Company

Streamed live on Mar 30, 2023

Choosing the people we surround ourselves with is important. Do we always know how to choose them or let them go?