“Dave Maurer draws on his considerable experience and wide variety of interests to pass along a host of leadership wisdom using interesting, easy-to-remember analogies and stories. Designed to be read in “bite-size” chunks, it is a great book to keep on one’s desk and pull out when you’re in need of some everyday leadership inspiration. Dave’s breezy, but effective writing style is like chatting with an old friend and mentor. I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t be able to glean some valuable insights from this book!”


Watering Rocks - Book by David S. Maurer

Watering Rocks: How to Fail and Succeed as a Leader

By Dave Maurer

“Watering Rocks” is a collection of essays and stories on leadership that I originally intended to write 20 years ago for my children as they grew up and entered the workforce. It contains a lifetime’s worth of lessons, insights, and important leadership principles. This book is for readers ranging from very junior and new to the world of work, to the seasoned professional with decades of experience. Some of the chapters are a deeper dive into my seminars, presentations and lectures that I’ve delivered over the years. Please enjoy this book and good luck on your leadership journey.

Price: $20

The Whole Professional Book by Lt. Col. David S. Maurer, USA, RET

The Whole Professional: A Collection of Essays to Help You Achieve a Full and Satisfying Life

By Dave Maurer, et al

If your life seems confusing, out of control, or like a tangled mess, then this book is for you! It contains the roadmap to getting some clarity. Personal and professional development happens within 4 key areas:

Physical – my physical body and my health.
Emotional – my emotions and ability to control them.
Intellectual – what I know and how I grow my knowledge.
Spiritual – how I take care of my inward health.

The assembly of authors featured in this book are experts in their field and they’ve all mastered at least one of these 4 disciplines. They come from all industries, experiences, ages, and career paths ― offering lessons learned and honed through serious research and life experience. If you take the time to put these lessons into practice, you’ll be able to get some clarity in your life and lose some of that frustration you’ve been feeling. Sound good? Then check out this interesting, insightful and easy-to-read guide to achieving a full and satisfying life.

Price: $25

On Fire Leadership Book by Dave Gerber

On Fire Leadership: Motivational Quotes for Military Leaders

By Dave Gerber, Special Contribution by Dave Maurer

The military is my “family business.” Both of my parents served in the Army during WWII and afterward. I wore the uniform of the Army for more than two decades and I have two sons currently on active duty in the Army with multiple combat tours between them. I know and understand the military and I believe I know what makes service members tick. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen are motivated by service, self-sacrifice and the honor and privilege of representing our great nation. The men and women of the military branches will find these quotes inspirational, and a reminder of who they are and why they serve. Their family members will also be reminded of their own daunting sacrifices in the name of freedom.

Price: $20

Leadership Essentials: How to Lead with Passion, Pride and Purpose

By Dave Maurer, et al

The information and insights in this compendium on leadership come from a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. The concepts and strategies discussed have been tested in the real world and offer more practical solutions than theoretical concepts. As a coalition of management and organizational development experts, we’ve spent our lives coaching and consulting with managers in all types and sizes of organizations. Our lessons learned and taught are the focus of this book. We believe that leadership is a sacred practice and, properly done, results in the greatest level of efficiency.

Price: $20

Are You a King or Queen of Conflict in Project Management? Book by Dave Gerber

Are You a King or Queen of Conflict in Project Management?

By Dave Gerber and Dave Maurer

As project managers, we can often feel that we can take on the entire project single-handedly, and do a better and faster job than if we had to deal with the personalities and agendas (both overt and hidden) inherent in leading a team. If any endeavor in the world of work is ripe with potential conflict, it’s project management. Aggressive timelines, cost limitations, changing scope, and myriad other conditions and constraints fuel underlying areas of conflict among team members, between leaders and staff, and with project sponsors and stakeholders. This book explores these conflicts and offers viable approaches to understanding their origins while dealing with one another more effectively and productively. The authors view conflict and its resolution through the lens of the acronym F.A.C.T.S. ― the elements of Fear, Anger, Control, Trust and Synergy serve to both explain project conflict and encourage and enable managers to work through it.

Price: $20